15 Years
Working With Legal Clients

At Examplar Legal Marketing, we specialize in case acquisition for plaintiff law firms. Throughout our 15 years working with legal clients, we've built a reputation on delivering results by developing solid relationships, offering unparalleled customer service and providing exceptional marketing campaigns.

Our team has developed stealth campaigns to hide our clients' marketing projects from competitor firms while still reaching their target audience. This enables them to file their lawsuit on the day of their choosing, allowing them to maximize publicity. We are fully transparent with our clients, so they can easily see how successful their campaigns have been based on their goals and results tracking.

We also provide strategic marketing and planning for the future, so you can set longer-term goals with our custom adaptive marketing for the shifting technologies.

Even if you currently have a limited internet footprint, we can help your firm fill key niches that fit your practice areas, meaning in a short time your marketing campaign can bring in high-value cases.

We provide a full range of hands-on marketing and consulting services—including content marketing, communications training, link building, website design, and website optimization—to help you obtain the clients you need to keep your law firm moving forward. Our campaigns run the gamut from whistleblower cases to employment, from aviation disasters to auto accidents, from Vioxx to Monsanto Roundup, from insurance claims to medical devices and more.

Exemplar LM Website and Marketing services


We offer a full range of Internet marketing services designed to attract the clients your firm wants.

We call these services Casehook, and they are customized for each client. Thanks to our 15 years of law firm marketing, we know that what qualifies a plaintiff for one law firm may not meet another firm's screening.

Legal Marketing

We specialize in legal marketing, so we have a wealth of experience working with law firms to ensure their marketing goals are met. We understand the ins and outs of legal marketing and have successfully launched legal marketing campaigns for more than one hundred law firms.

Your Brand

Not sure of exactly what you need? We’ll sit down with you to determine your goals and develop an Internet marketing strategy that builds trust with potential clients while staying true to your brand.

A Roadmap

We can help develop a roadmap for the future, so your marketing will continue to bring in new clients over time, boosting your firm’s continued success. Every part of your marketing campaign will be the highest quality, that’s our promise.

Your Website

Many other website building companies are only focused on creating an aesthetically pleasing website. We install a customized framework with your long-term web marketing strategy in mind. We then add eye-catching graphics and exceptional content to stand out from your competition.

We not only create a superior website with enhanced technology, we also provide all the tools to ensure your site is noticed and ranked highly by the search engines.

Our Website Services


No marketing strategy is complete without high-quality, engaging content. We provide content that supports your emerging or ongoing campaigns to impress readers and establish you as an authority.

If you have a communications team in place, we can train them in developing the content you need for your content marketing strategy to be successful while building brand awareness.

Press Release & Social Media Combo

These days, all law firms need press releases to obtain media attention.

Want to get information out about an important victory or settlement?

A well-written, attention-grabbing press release can go a long way toward driving traffic to your firm, acquiring additional cases and laying the foundation for future success. We take care of writing press releases for you, so you can focus on your clients.

Web Design and Architecture

Your law firm needs a brilliant website that grabs people's attention and converts viewers to clients. We plan, design, and build that website for you. Then we offer testing and analytics to ensure the website is providing the conversions you need.

Link Building

Links are vital to any web marketing campaign. They help establish credibility and are factors in a website’s popularity. We develop content that allows for linking to and from trustworthy sites, to boost your search engine ranking and further confirm your expertise.

Our Marketing Services

PPC Campaigns

With 60% of Google searchers clicking on a paid result, pay-per-click advertising is an important marketing tool, especially combined with such key content metrics as search engine optimization, time on a page and bounce rate. We develop and implement PPC campaigns that will get you highly qualified leads that convert into high-value cases. Not only can we get you high-value cases, we also land them at a cheaper cost than most.

Lead Plaintiff Acquisition for 1st to File

Our world-class marketing team specializes in launching class-action advertising campaigns that find your lead plaintiff before anyone else knows about your case. We take great pride in helping your firm succeed and in ensuring you get the right plaintiffs at the right time.

We have a tried and true trade secret in how to implement effective low-cost high-value campaigns.

Analytics, Analysis, and ROI

Our job isn't done just because your marketing strategy is underway. We are committed to being fully transparent in our work, so we provide you with analytics, analysis and return on investment information that tells you how successful your legal marketing campaign is.

Our clients trust us to provide guidance and support as they make vital decisions about their law firm's marketing. We'll give you data about your web marketing results and provide you with options so you can determine the best course of action.

Our team is hands-on, and we pride ourselves on being incredibly responsive to changing trends in marketing strategies. You'll stay ahead of the competition when it comes to your marketing.

Questions for Us?

At Exemplar LM, we believe in being open and transparent with our clients. If you have questions about any of our marketing strategies or are unsure of what your firm needs, we'll provide you with detailed information so you can make the best decisions for you and your firm.

Strategy Management For Customized Legal Marketing Web Campaigns

Do you want a more personalized, hands-on marketing strategy? Do you want a legal marketing agency that offers your firm the attention it deserves? Contact us for a free consultation regarding your law firm’s practice areas and goals. We will deliver a menu of options that we can build a successful strategy on.

You want your law firm to be successful for years to come. We’re here to help ensure that happens.

Give the team at Exemplar Legal Marketing a call at 1.250.507.2332 to find out how we can help you.

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